Amritsar is known for its food. Don’t worry about gaining extra kilos while you are in Amritsar. The city is famous for its street food. Paranthas, Chole Kulche, Puri Sabji, Mouth Watering Haluwa, Fried Chicken, Amritsari Fish and many many more……. not to forget lassi….. What is amazing about the food and city is that no matter what you eat and how much you eat, it is not very heavy on your stomach. I think the miracle lies in the water and that is what the city is named:

“Amrit” means  “Nectar” and  “Sar” comes from “Sarovar” which means pond. which means Pond of Nectar or Amrit.

One of the such delicacies of the city is “Puri”, “Choley” and “Launji”. This is normally taken at breakfast, but who is stopping you…… there is no real time for tasty food to try……


And one such place to try mouth watering dish is “Kanha Sweets” on Lawrence Road. My picking of this joint for the dish is based on my own trials and feedback from locals while I was in Amritsar.  But no matter where you eat, what I have found is that even a small joint serves much better food in Amritsar. Punjabis are fond of food and a good taste is essence, no one will visit a joint which is not serving the same.

But back to the dish first. Puri or Poori is a Indian Bread which is deep fried. Choley is cooked chickpeas, little bit spicy. Launji is Sweet and Sour vegetable of Aloo (Potato) or Potato.

It is served along with Raw Onion and Carrot Pickle, and it was very tasty. The preparation are in Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter) adding to the taste.

I have read in many sites people referring to Poori as Bhatura. These two are entirely different. Both are deep fried but the difference lies in its content. Poori is made of Whole Wheat Flour (Atta)while Bhatura is made of finely grind wheat flour (Maida). But the major difference lies in fermentation. The Dough of Bhatura is fermented by adding Curd or yeast, whereas Poori dough is not fermented.

The dish served is mouth watering. You can find it almost in every sweet shop and restaurants in Amritsar. I tried this at Kanha Sweets and Bharwan the Dhaba, but the one served at Kanha scored high.

It is a must try dish while you are in Amritsar.