There were two reasons to go on a long trip. First it was a long planned trip, completing desert circuit e.g. Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur along with family. Secondly, it was long time since we last went out and that was in February, 2015 to Amritsar and Wagah border. So dates were fixed and we planned our trip in advance. We decided to take advantage of long weekend of 2nd October and started our journey on 27th September, 2015. The itinerary completed was:

Tou Summary

The route that we took was:


Route Map Final

The odometer in my Ford Figo at start of journey read 68015 and 70323 when we reached home, thus covering a distance of 2308 kms.

Day One – 27th September, 2015 

Gurgaon to Bikaner – Distance Covered – 510 kms (approx) time taken 8 hours

We started on 27th September at 5.30 am in the morning. We had an early pit stop at McDonald,  Manesar for 15 minutes. It only serves Egg Burger’s and Pan Cakes in its breakfast menu.  We had our second pit stop at Highway king at Shahpura. Highway King is a better option to stop for Breakfast if you are starting early from Delhi/NCR. Here you get many options.

From Shahpura we drove non-stop to Bikaner. Our aim was to reach Bikaner by lunch time. We took detour from Chandwaji Flyover towards Bikaner and after some city traffic, we were soon on a lovely and deserted road. The landscape started changing and we could see traces of sand, Acacia Trees and bushes. The entire road was in wonderful condition.

Enroute Bikaner

We touched Bikaner around 1.30 pm. We had pre booked Camelman Guest House (right in front of Sophia Girls College). It is a popular home stay run by Vijay Singh Rathore, famous as Camelman. They also organise camel safari in Bikaner.

For this journey we had decided to stay in Home stay’s only as we wanted to experience the service and facility of these family run guest house/hotels.

Lunch was ready. They had prepared Lal Maans,  which was finger licking. (Read more about Lal Maans Here). This was the best we had in entire Rajasthan. We decided to explore Old Bikaner in the evening along with camel breeding farm . Old Bikaner is famous for some havelies (Rampuria Haveli is very famous) and few temples. Commuting in Old Bikaner is not possible in car. The lanes here are very narrow and only an expert auto driver can take you through. Hitesh, Son of Mr. Rathore arranged an Auto for us for tour of old city,

We first visited Camel breeding farm (National Research Centre on Camel, NRCC) located on Jodhpur bypass. Hiring a guide is better option. You can see different species of camels found in India. The farm also have souvenir shop from where you can buy goods made from camel leather. The farm also has a small canteen where you can get products made of camel milk e.g. tea, camel milk, ice cream etc. You can also enjoy small camel ride here.



After visiting the farm we headed for old city of Bikaner. There were few Jain temples and Famous Rampuria Haveli, which is a private property and can be seen from outside. The drive in narrow lanes of the old city was amazing.

We explored station road in the evening. There is famous Chotu Motu Sweet shop which is famous for its Kesar Kulfi. There are two famous Pizza outlets in Bikaner Sammy’s Pizza which is in Pawanpuri Market and the other is Mr. Beans Pizza which is in Rani Bazaar. While returning we though of giving it a try and got packed Pizza from Mr. Bean. To our surprise they were delicious and very well prepared.

This finished our Day one of the Rajasthan Tour.

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