Described in English it is a sort of pastry which is fried and filled with Onion. Pyaj (Onion) kachori is one of the many delicacies of Royal Rajasthan. It is a snack, which can be found in entire Rajasthan, though you will find slight variation in taste.

Onion Kachori can be taken any time of the day and can be found in almost all the sweet shops across Rajasthan. It has become so famous that now a days these are available in almost entire Northern India but the preparation and taste on one made in Rajasthan is unique.

Though termed spicy, I never found them to be. Served with Sweet and Sour Chutney (normally made of tamarind) they really taste very good. These are simple to make and google can search thousand of recipes for the same. The composition of the same is very simple – all purpose flour, potatoes, spices, Onion and oil to fry.

If you happen to be in Rajasthan these are must try.