Jutti is a Punjabi word and is a type of footwear. It is popular in Entire Punjab including Pakistan. Jutti is made of leather with plenty of Embroidery. Jutti can also be found in Rajasthan which are made of Camel Leather. They normally have flat soul and very soft. Men wear Jutti along with Kurta and Pyjama or Pathani Suit.

The history of Jutti’s goes back to the time of Maharajas (kings of India), Mughal Emperors and then to Jamindars and Nawabs. These are traditional footwear which were made by local artisans.

When you are in Amritsar you can see many shops adjoining road going to the Golden Temple, where you can shop for this famous handicraft item. Dont forget to negotiate.


You can see people wearing Juttis in various folk dances – specially Bhangra (Punjabi Dance Style) and also in marriages. Jutti are also known as Mojari in many other parts of India. These are also popular in many parts of Haryana. Traditional, Ethnic and beautifully crafted these are of many varieties. Those made for women have more embroidery. Silver and Golden threads along with different beads are used for embroidery.

A shop near Golden Temple selling Juttis
A shop near Golden Temple selling Juttis

Beautifully handcrafted this peace of handicraft is a tradition in itself.