It is considered as world largest cannon on wheel ever constructed. The cannon is kept in Jaigarh Fort in the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is famous for its three hill forts – Amber Fort Palace (it is a palace also referred now a days as Amer Fort), Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh Fort. All three are near situated on near by hills. Out of these three Amer Palace and Jaigarh fort are most visited. Jaigarh fort is housed on a small hill called Cheel ka Teela or hill of eagles (Cheel = Eagle and Teela = Small Hill). This fort houses so called Largest cannon on wheel – Jaivana Cannon, which is major attraction for tourists and is must visit. Jaigarh fort is private property of Maharaja and is privately managed. On a busy day huge chaos can be seen in managing the traffic. You can drive inside the fort right upto Jiavana Cannon area. Though it requires lot of skills as at many areas the ascent is very steep and road is narrow.

Side view of Cannon
Side view of Cannon

The cannon is huge and and its barrel measures 6.15 meters. It has circumference of 2.2 meters near the tip of the barrel and it is 21.6 centimeters thick. The two wheels of the cannon measures 1.37 meters each. There are two additional removable wheels which measure 2.74 meters. These additional wheels were used during transportation of the cannon.


The cannon was casted in 1720 AD during the reign of Jai Singh II. It is said that it was fired only once and that too during trials. Though there are many stories about the fire power of the cannon, but it is largely said that the range of the cannon as 40 kms. The shot fired from the cannon during trial landed in Chaksu which is 40 kms away. It was never fired again.

Though there is no other major attraction in Jaigarh Fort but visiting and experiencing the view of mighty cannon should not be missed. One can plan a visit while returning from Amber Fort. The road going to the Jaigarh fort is mountain road and it gives an impression of driving on the hills.

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