Give a child a chocolate and see those lovely expressions of happiness on his face, now give him one more and see his mouth opening in amazement….. I think the same happened with me in last two days. I was nominated for the Liebster Award by and now got nomination for Blogger Recognition award.

As I had said earlier for me recognition by fellow bloggers is the best reward. I dont know how these award started on wordpress and who is behind them… but I am enjoying the moment of being nominated by fellow bloggers for the same. This simply means that someone liked my blog, my way of writing and the photographs.

I was nominated for this award by a beautiful girl who has a blog which is as beautiful…. Utkarshini Khanna, a food blogger has a wonderful blog with lovely and tempting photos of miracle that she creates…..which we call food…. her blog can be visited here .

Now to follow the rules of the nomination, few lines on how I started the blog……

I am a technology person who developed love for Nature and Wild Life. Now to fulfill this love I need to travel and have some good camera and lenses, so that the beautiful moments of nature can be captured for future viewing. So I started travelling, in search of those lovely moments. In the process I collected many precious moments of this lovely nature and its inhabitants. When they started growing, I was suggested to share those with others so that others can develop a interest in the field and work towards protection of the same. And there came the idea of sharing these moments through a blog. Now why Wild Traveler…… Because my travels are like that only…. I decide a day before and am out next day to a serene and lovely place…..

Next rule says two pieces of advise to be given to fellow bloggers.

I think one who starts blogging knows what to do, what I feel is that one should blog from heart with some brain behind and not the vice versa…. say your heart out, and secondly stay connected….. visit other bloggers, read their posts, like appreciate and encourage…… Life is too short to compete with others…. this competition diverts our focus… rather than competition we should learn to collaborate….

And the most difficult part of the rule says nominate other bloggers.  All are good in their respective field, million dollar question is to select Few…. why few why not all…. but rule is rule…. here are my nominations:



Now to add the rules that nominees need to follow:

  • Write a post to accept this nomination.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and mention their blog link.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select a few other blogs you would like to nominate.

Enjoy and keep sharing your experiences……….