Man is a confused entity on this planet. We kill, we make them perish for joy and enjoyment, we puff their bodies and display with pride in our museums and palaces and then time changes and so do our thought. We travel hundreds and thousands of kilometers, spend lot of money just to get one glimpse of this beauty of jungle. All those lucky ones who manage to see and photograph these beauties spend time writing travelogue and displaying the images of this beauty and hundreds like us read it with attention and think how lucky he is. This beauty of jungle is called Tiger.

Read History of Jim Corbett National Park here:

As per science Human Beings are suppose to be the most intelligent specie on this planet and this so called intelligence can be seen in our callous and irresponsible behavior in destroying the nature. If we were intelligent then why we destroy and then preserve. We fail to understand the consequences of our action and let other species suffer.

I also have been on many of such missions to get one glimpse of this beauty. But alas I have not been that lucky. My ancestors killed them and showed their pride. So what I have been able to see till date is the puffed body of these beautiful creatures. But as I always believe that The journey is more important than the destination, I have been enjoying these places because of the serene beauty.  One of such places is Jim Corbett National Park situated in Nainital District of the state of Uttarakhand. Though this place is famous for tigers, I visit this place for its beauty. I am not a Tiger maniac, who ignores other beautiful creation of nature.  Though search for this beauty continues. I will share few photographs of the area which speaks for itself.

Beautiful landscape of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is about 250 kms from New Delhi, situated in Ramnagar. The roads are good and lot of people from Delhi NCR visit this place. The park is closed during monsoon. The best time to visit the park is from November till June. The sighting of tiger is more during summer months when they come out to water holes.


River Kosi

The Route from Delhi:

Delhi-Gajrola-Moradabad-Kashipur-Ramnagar-Jim Corbett

What to Do:

Go for Jungle Safari

Enjoy River Rafting

Go for Angling

Enjoy Birding – National Park is very rich in avian life

Visit Garjia Devi Temple – Situated in the middle of kosi river on a hillock

Take Safari to Sita Bani (Jungle) – Sita ji along with her two children lived here. This area is buffer zone of the National Park. It is believed that Sita ji Entered into the lap of mother nature at this place only. Currently this site is managed by Archaeological Survey of India. Tigers do roam here.

Enjoy nature walk. Spend some time in the lap of nature

Resort on the bank of River Kosi
Crystal Clear water of Kosi
Enjoy River Rafting
Rich in Avian Life
Temple of Goddess in the middle of the River Kosi
En route Sita Bani



Holy Place – Sita Bani
Enjoy Nature Walk

A museum has been setup at Dhangari Gate of the National Park, which is a must visit. Animals who died are kept here. The museum also tells history of the national park. The photos below are taken from museum only:

Dhangarhi Gate

img_6237 img_6245 img_6252 img_6261

Visit this place and enjoy the natural beauty at its best.