Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which is known as Keoladeo National ParkΒ is located in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan. It is about 225 kilometers from Delhi and 56 kilometers from Agra. It is a man made national park established in 1982, though its history is very old. It is a world heritage site now. The name keoladeo comes from an ancient temple of Lord Shiva which is situated inside the National Park. The site is famous for huge number of migratory birds which start coming from September and breed here till February.

Old Shiva Temple
Old Shiva Temple

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The park is a must visit. I am a frequent visitor to the National Park and wanted to share few photographs of the same.

The inner Gate – Vehicles are not allowed beyond this point
Vehicle Parking Area
Hire a Rickshaw or take a walk

Vehicles are not allowed inside the park. From the main gate where tickets are available you can drive upto the second gate (check post). There is a parking area where you need to park your car. From this point you can either hire a Rickshaw or take a walk inside the park. The park is huge and requires good amount of stamina, but is walk-able. There are more than 250 species of birds which can be seen here.

I have seen this park for ages…. I have seen all good and bad changes from my eyes….
Rickshaw inside the park…..

How to reach

Nearest airport is Agra – 56 kms, Delhi – 225 kms

Nearest Railway station: Agra – 56 kms, Mathura – 35 kms

By Road: New Delhi – Greater Noida (take Yamuna Expressway) – Exit from Expressway towards Mathura – Continue on Bharatpur Mathura Road

Group of Painted Stork

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Other Random Imagaes



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Landscape of National Park

img_0889 img_1033 img_1044 img_1059 img_1064 img_1065

Whenever you are in Delhi or Agra… do visit the national park. If you want to stay, there are lot of good staying options available around the park. Best option is to visit in the morning during sunrise. Birds are most active during this time. You can also visit it during evening. Birds are least active during noon time.