There was a sad truth witnessed by Delhi-NCR people few days ago, when the whole area was surrounded by SMOG and people were finding it hard to breath properly. I also know few cases where people had been to hospital because of complaint of blood stains while coughing. The smog had very bad effect on the health of children, school were closed and alert was sounded. Government of Delhi and India woke up but it was too late.

In this state of chaos I visited Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary situated in Gurgaon to have first hand experience of effect of this pollution on other living creatures of this lovely planet.

Birds were not active
Birds were not active

We human beings are so self centered and busy in this materialistic world that we forget about other creatures and living organisms. We are creating a world where it is becoming difficult for all and not only for us and yet we think we are living in peace and harmony and have all the happiness because we have enough money in our bank accounts, we have time and money to travel around the world, our childrens are well settled etc. etc. How can we the so called intelligent species we so ignorant of the reality which is our own creation. How can we sit in our cozy houses and and not think and contribute to make this world better.

This is not what i wished to see
This is not what i wished to see

The condition of egret above was not very good, but he did not have any hospital to visit, he did not have any politician coming and consoling him, he did not have support of any municipal corporation….. he only have his little world where it flies freely and which we are taking away from him by spoiling the air quality and contaminating the water bodies which give him food and life.

Everyone was affected
Lonely Flight

I was sad, I had tears in my eyes….. I was not able to do anything……. A day of awakening for me…….