We feel happy the more we are independent. We get irritated and nervous when our thoughts, expressions and movements are caged or controlled. The same happens with Wild life and Birds. They have their own way of life and they feel happy when they are part of their own. They also feel pain when we start caging them for our own entertainment.

I recently visited Delhi Zoo. It was a family visit and my daughter had been wanting us to visit for long. I love to photograph wild life and avian life in theirย natural habitat. They are so vibrant, cheerful and happy there. Seeing them packed in cages was like a nightmare for me.

I was thinking what if we are caged and kept as captive, what would be our feeling. But we human’s think only about ourselves and not about others. We cage these beautiful creatures for enjoyment. It would have been so nice to watch them in open………. flying happily………..chirping with joy……… I could sense the feeling of the animals and visualize in my mind what they would be trying to say (whisper) to us…..

But in between all this there were few happy moments. There was a open cage for birds with water body and where migratory birds were nesting, and a pair of Rhino celebrating valentine day….. Sharing beautiful moments (only) from the visit…..

Loving Moments....
Loving Moments….

What these Rhinos Whispered : O human beings….. you have become so powerful on this planet that you are directing your laws…… you have lost respect for the laws of nature…. we were made to roam freely in our own habitat…. and you are destroying the same, which is killing us and reducing our population and then you capture us in the name of preservation and cage us…… O man respect the laws of nature and fear the outcome……

Atleast I am Free to fly.....
At least I am Free to fly….. (Great white Pelican)
Waiting for Mom and Dad.....
Kids of Painted Stork – Waiting for Mom and Dad…..

What these kids were telling us : O man I see no boundaries, I require no passport. I am born here and will fly away in few days. Weย see only one earth which is shared peacefully. I ask you O human beings… why have you created boundaries, why have you created such a complex economic and political structure….. live freely and in peace….

Painted Stork - I am grown up now.....
Painted Stork – I am grown up now…..
Dancing Moments
Dancing Moments of Storks…..

What they whispered: O Man look how happy we are, we dance, we sing, we need free space….. we need our place…. You come here to see us… you enjoy our dance…. you photograph us….. give us our habitat….. do not cage us…. come to see us in our own habitat…. we will welcome you there…..