Soul needs inner as well as outer peace. It is at peace when we live in harmony with Nature. The crowded and chaotic city life will at some time take a toll on you, your health and your mental balance. Given a choice I am ready to move back to old days when desires of human beings were limited and he was much happier. Lucky are those who still are close to nature.

India recently rolled out one of its biggest tax reform from 1st July. The preceding month of the roll out was a nightmare for IT professionals who were managing enterprise solutions like ERP. We were working day and night to achieve the target date. When things started looking good I decided to take a break and eventually it turned out to be  beautiful family vacation in the Lap of Maa Narmada. Serene, beautiful, peaceful and beautiful nature all around. It was an awakening journey for the mind and soul.

Narmada is a river in central India which flows from from East to West. There are only three rivers across Indian Peninsula that flows in this direction, all other rivers flows West to East. Every river is religious to Indian culture and are worshiped. Rivers are treated as Mother and so are called “Maa”. “Maa” is a hindi word which means Mother in English.

River Narmada at Maheshwar

Madhya Pradesh tourism has developed many beautiful places along the banks of River Narmada, which are worth visiting. Besides these leisure destinations Maa Narmada also has many famous religious places along its bank.

The places which I covered as part of my visit were:

Hanuwantia – Situated on the back waters of Indira Sagar Dam, constructed on River Narmada is a Island Resort    operated by MP Tourism. Not much is written about this place. MP Tourism also organised “Jal Mahotsav” or water festival every year. It is so beautiful that you will fall in love with it. It is about 140 kms from the city of Indore.


Mandu – Situated on a small hill and famous for “Jahaj Mahal” meaning ship palace is about 100 kms from the city of Indore


Maheshwar – Famous of its handloom – Maheshwari Sarees, it is a place visited both by tourists and pilgrims. Situated on the banks of River Narmada it is 95 kms from the city of Indore.


– Selani – It is a Jungle Resort being developed by MP Tourism in the forest and in the backwaters of dam at Omkareshwar. It is very close to Omkareshwar and is about 70 kms from the city of Indore.


Omkareshwar – Place of Lord Shiva, a jyotirlinga. River Narmada flows here between lofty hills.


All these places are situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and managed by MP Tourism.

Stay tuned for some lovely details of these offbeat places and lovely photographs.