Travel Stories from India

Travel Enlightens you….


For me Journey has always been more important than the destination…..

Very few words describe me …. A technology professional….. ardent lover of nature…. wildlife photography enthusiast…. and a traveler…..

Having spent more than 15 years playing with technology and software’s…. having spent hours planning and deploying technology…. managing change…… the travel bug inside was always provoking me to move out…… explore new places… capture the miracles of nature……. but constraints were there…. (not to mention these here)……

Whenever I got opportunity I was ready to pack my bags. Being son of an Army officer travel was a part of life….. but meaning of travel was different at that time….. new place…. new school…. new friends…. it was exciting but the way of looking at all these changes was different…. at times it was too much and painful……

I was sent to boarding when I was nine years old…. and this change brought a change in the way I use to look at new places… my school situated in the lap of nature…. beautiful pine forests of Himalayas… help me develop a feeling of love for this lovely nature….

I Love photography….. I love capturing lovely moments of nature and wild life….. and I am a huge Canon fan….. I love the lenses that they make…..  I remember using Agfa Click III camera in my early days….. this is a priceless collection given by my father…..

All the photographs on my blog are my own capture (unless explicitly mentioned)……

Though travel is a private experience but I strongly believe that the experience of places and people should be shared with others…. reading reviews and travel stories of others gives a new insight…. everyone experiences a new experience….

So share your stories…… and do not restrict the basic instinct of human beings….. i.e. travel….. enjoy the experience and let others enjoy the place….. Nature is precious…. respect, love and preserve it……


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22 thoughts on “About

  1. This is a lovely blog Sudhir, your bird photos are just marvellous. I miss birding in Australia and the quiet walks into their habitats. Your post of the green-bee eaters made me more than a little homesick. Thank you also for checking out my blog posts and poems. A wonderful day to you Sudhir. Mel xx

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  2. I promised to take time to look and you have me at the journey is more important than the destination. I’m really looking forward to jogging along with you and have duly followed this lovely blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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