I always ask myself a question that why do we travel? Why after sometime a craving starts to move out and see new places…… and I answer myself….. our ancestors were nomads…. they use to roam freely…. no country…. no boundary…. no passport required…. and yes no money…. roam where you want to …. don’t we carry the same DNA….

But life has changed and everything has been curtailed in small islands…. to access one island you need resources… like money…. the natural resources have been captured and curtailed under different identities called countries… and to access the same you need permission… the free world is gone… the beauty of the nature now has a cost….

So to enjoy that you will have to earn and to earn you have to work…. which means that we cannot roam freely… we are bound by the systems that e have created for our self…. in the name of social order…. (i still doubt if we have sensible order in the world). And after so much of reasoning, I was able to find an answer and convince my family that why I could not move out in last 6 months….

If given a choice I would have been moving all the time…. but alas…..

In my en-devour to see larger parts of India I took up Journey for few days along the banks of river Narmada and one of the beautiful place here is Hanuwantia. A beautiful resort has been developed here by Madhya Pradesh Tourism in the back waters of Indira Sagar Dam. The Dam stops the flow of mighty River Narmada and creates a huge water body with plenty of isolated and inhabited islands. The water is deep. As deep as 2000 feets at few places.

View of Backwaters of the Dam

My Narmada Journey was “Jara Hat Ke” a little bit different as it was a leisure visit. As Narmada is a pious river, lot of people associate the same with religious journey.

Hanuwantia Tapu as it is called is a water tourism destination. MP Tourism, which is a government body organises “Jal Mahotsav” (Water Festival) every year from Mid October to January. This year it is being celebrated from 15th October, 2017 till 2nd January, 2018. Lot of adventure activities like zip liner, tug of war, bullock cart ride, para sailing, hot air balloon and plenty of water activities like water zorbing, water para sailing, motor boat, banana ride can be enjoyed here.

MP Tourism have a beautiful resort here called “Hanuwantia Tourist Complex”. They also have a boating club. Speed boat ride is a must. you need to have a large heart to do the same in the deep waters.

View of Resort
View of Rooms

They also have two houseboats where you can spend few nights in the middle of water.


The location is serene and peaceful. There is no one except you and the water. You can request the staff for a speed boat ride on a nearby island and explore the barren land.

Speed Boat Ride
Exploring the Island

How to Reach

The place is very near to Indore and a must visit.

By Air: 
Nearest airport for reaching Hanumantiya island is Indore Airport. It is about 150 kms from island.

By Train/ Railways :
Nearest railway station is Khandwa railway station. Distance from Khandwa railway station to Hanumantiya Island is about 50 kms.

By Road: 
For visiting this island site, best option is to reach Khandwa town first and then proceed further. At the same time Indore is also a good option.

I will be covering more details about the location in my next post.